In March 2023 we embarked on our biggest adventure so far! After 1.5 years of searching for our floating home, we bought “Tranquility” in Sweden with a dream to sail the world.

Now, it’s been a year since we started. First, intense season at the sea came to an end. During that time, we made our maiden sail from Orust Island in Sweden and crossed winter Baltic Sea to Poland. Departing in snow, from ice covered marina in Henan, was an unforgettable experience. Also, we will always remember docking in our home country for the first time ever! We’ve spent one month in Gdańsk, doing essential upgrades and repairs so we could complete our around Europe trip to Greece in 2023. Once we were ready, we said goodbye to friends and family, cast the lines and headed West.

After 4700 nautical miles of learning new boat and a new lifestyle but also discovering hidden gems of European coastline in 10 countries, we’ve reached our goal for 2023 – Greece, our favorite cruising ground so far. 

In winter we hauled out the boat in Preveza and for 3 months we were preparing our beloved ‘Tranquility’ for her future adventures with us. Our goal is the journey itself, not the specific point on the map. We plan to sail, dive, hike and explore our blue planet wherever our floating home can take us.
We plan to spend 2024 season entirely in the Mediterranean Sea, visiting new places but also coming back to our favorites. And then? We’ll see where the wind takes us. Stay tuned!

We invite you to be the part of our journey, welcome on board!

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