Meet us – the crew and the owners of Malo 39 “Tranquility”

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Tomek and Aleksandra – a couple from Poland.
Tomek – captain of Tranquility, previously Boeing 737 captain. The difference is that now he’s not wearing uniform any more 🙂 

Aleksandra – above each captain there is admiralty, right? This is how the hierarchy looks like on S/Y Tranquility 🙂 Back in the days DHC-8 captain and Boeing 737 first officer. My side job is photography.

We are both licensed skippers and advanced divers.

Traveling has always been a huge part of our lives.

Before we cast the lines, we’ve been working as airline pilots in Europe and the Middle East. We’ve visited more than 70 countries and we wanted more!
The dream to sail the world came to our minds several years ago. We love sailing, diving, hiking and outdoors, so living full-time on a sailboat looked like a perfect opportunity to connect most of our hobbies together. Since then we’ve been preparing to quit our jobs, plan our journey and research all necessary fields we needed.

We’ve started actively looking for a boat in 2021.

In the next 1,5 years we traveled many places, checking possible options and trying to find a perfect one. We’ve quickly realized that the perfect boat does not exist and our criteria developed a lot during that time. Thanks to such an extensive boat hunt we eventually bought the one, which is the best match we could find. We have also possessed a huge amount of expertise in that field. We encourage you to read our post on how to find a perfect boat for you! To read more about our voyage, click  here. You can also reach us for more personalized consulting in that field.

We’ve decided to create this blog, to share with you our voyage but also to give a helping hand to those who follow a similar path. We’ll be publishing travel, sailing and technical posts, so we are sure that everyone will find something interesting. 

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