Our Voyage

In March 2023 we embarked on our biggest adventure so far! After 1.5 years of searching for our floating home, we bought a sailboat in Sweden with a dream to sail the world. 

Our boat

“Tranquility” is our floating home. It is Malö 39, bluewater cruiser ideal for long-distance sailing and full-time living aboard. Get to know the upgrades and boatwork we regularly do!

Meet us

We are Tom & Alex, full-time cruisers, divers and airline pilots if time allows 🙂 We’ve decided to create this blog, to share with you our voyage but also to give a helping hand to those who follow a similar path.

Latest news from our blog

Sailing in Crete Since we started planning to sail to Crete, the Samaria Gorge had been on our bucket list. We had searched in advance how to get there because we knew we would leave the yacht in Chania. Although there is an anchorage in Agia […]
Dive compressor for a sailboat In our last article about the diving compressor, we described how we chose the model that was most suitable for us. We compared several portable compressors available on the market in terms of suitability for a yacht. We also checked their […]
When planning our sailing and living on board, we knew from the very beginning that we wanted to combine sailing with diving. Diving has been our great passion for many years, so it was natural to continue it on our own, living on a yacht. Before […]
Wreck diving There are people who like wreck diving and there are those who don’t. For me, wrecks are places somewhere at the bottom of the seas telling their stories to those who reach them. Stories that are not always histories of disaster. These are often […]
Welcome to the other side of the Kiel Canal! We will start today’s story with the passage of the lock onto the Elbe River. Then we will be sailing North Sea from Cuxhaven to Amsterdam. About the Kiel Canal transit itself you can read here in […]
Chania – a picturesque, but also very touristy city, the second largest in Crete, located on the northern coast of the island. A place you cannot miss when planning a sail to Crete. Or maybe you can? You will find the answer in this post! History […]